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このマグカップは、FUGLEN富ヶ谷店のご近所さんでもある、LOST AND FOUND(株式会社NIKKO)さんに作成いただきました。
株式会社NIKKOは1908年 (明治41年) 創業の石川県の陶磁器メーカーで、時代が移り変わる度、その時々にフィットする「食器」を生み出されている会社さんです。


サイズ : 長径113 × 短径85 × 86H(mm) 
容量 : 350 cc

材質 :素材:NIKKO FINE BONE CHINA(ボーンチャイナ)



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English Translation

We are excited to announce the completion of our new mug, featuring FUGLEN’s original deep matte blue-green color! With a generous capacity of 350cc, this mug is perfect for enjoying your usual coffee at home as a special treat. It also fits perfectly with FUGLEN's drip bags, making it ideal for those who want to brew and enjoy their coffee leisurely.

Due to limited production capacity, this mug may occasionally be temporarily out of stock. Please check our social media for updates.

This mug was created by LOST AND FOUND (NIKKO Co., Ltd.), a local company near FUGLEN Tomigaya. Founded in 1908 (Meiji 41) in Ishikawa Prefecture, NIKKO Co., Ltd. is a ceramics manufacturer known for producing tableware that adapts to changing times.

- Size: Long Diameter 113 × Short Diameter 85 × 86H (mm)
- Capacity: 350cc
- Material: NIKKO Fine Bone China

**Please Note:**
- This product is not eligible for free shipping.
- Due to the nature of ceramics and production conditions, the surface may have small bumps and numerous tiny holes depending on the color and manufacturing period. These are not defects.
- We do not accept reservations or holds for in-store purchases.
- For in-store inventory status, please contact each store directly.
- For orders with the same name, shipping address, and payment information, we may contact you for confirmation or cancel the order if necessary.
- This product is not eligible for FCC coupons.
- For online store inquiries, please email us at coffeeonline.jp@fuglen.no.
- Orders containing this product may take a little longer to ship.

There is a certain limit to the speed of production, so there may be chances of temporarily selling out, but please just check our SNS for new updates.

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 Taiwan, Hong Kong
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*Both over-the counter and online shop has a limit of 2 mugs per purchase.
*We will not be taking reservations at the shops.
*Please contact each shop for the inventory status.
*Please note that for purchases with the same name, shipping address, or payment information, depending on the situation, we may contract to confirm and ask for a cancelation of the order.
*For inquiries about the online shop, please email coffeeonline.jp@fuglen.no. 

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