Pedro Santana Espresso

Pedro Santana Espresso

May 02, 2017

We can't say that there are many yet, but the number of partner shops that carry FUGLEN COFFEE ROASTERS espresso beans is gradually increasing.
Because it is difficult to extract espresso at home, we believe that increasing the environment outside FUGLEN TOKYO where you can drink it is one of the important activities.
It is a great ideal for FUGLEN COFFEE ROASTERS to be able to easily access light roasted coffee wherever you live in Japan.
With that in mind, the selection of beans for espresso roasting is very important to us.

This is a long introduction, but the long-awaited precious coffee for espresso has arrived from Brazil!


Farm: Cafundo
Owner: Pedro Santana
Region: Piatā, Bahia Country: Brazil
Altitude: 1360 masl Varieties: Catuai, Yellow Catuai, Bourbon
Harvest: June - September 2016
Soil: sandy soil
Process: Pulped Natural

The Cafundo farm operated by the PEDRO SANTANA couple is located in the town of Piata, Bahia state in eastern Brazil.
Piata is located in the Diamantena plateau, and the altitude of this area is around 1200m, which is one of the highest in Brazil. Among them, the Cafundo plantation is located at 1360m.
As a result, winter temperatures range from 2°C to 18°C, making it an ideal environment for growing high-quality coffee.
Pedro Santana, the owner of the farm, used to live in Sao Paulo, Brazil's largest city, but in 1989 he bought this farm from a friend to get away from the busyness and get a quiet lifestyle, and now lives with his family. I live a quiet life here.

The state of Bahia, where the Cafundo plantation is located, was not well known as a coffee producing area until just 10 years ago, but it has gradually emerged with success at competitions such as the Cup Of Excellence.

Our partner Nordic Approach, a Norwegian-based trading company specializing in green coffee, handles 10 varieties of coffee from 3 areas in Brazil, all from small to medium-sized farms of 6 to 70 hectares.
Among them, the Cafundo farm grows coffee on only 5 hectares out of 28 hectares, and the farm is divided into 10 areas and refined for each variety.

Many people have the image that Brazilian coffee is harvested using machines on large farms and sold cheaply, but the annual production of this farm is only 200 bags, which is delicate and tropical. It has a fruity flavor.

At Cafundo Farms, both Pulp Natural and Natural are refined in the process, but we selected Pulp Natural coffee.
Unlike the washed process we are used to, this refining process removes the pulp and then dries it on the patio without washing.
By doing so, it becomes a coffee that is impressive with the sweetness of ripe fruit while having a sense of transparency.

This time, FUGLEN COFFEE ROASTERS roasts PEDRO SANTANA coffee for espresso as well as filter.
In addition to the base tropical fruit flavor, you should be able to feel the sweetness of almonds and milk chocolate and the refreshing acidity of apricot.

Even if you drink it as an iced latte or an iced americano, it still has a refreshing feeling, so you can't wait for the coming season.

Please try it once!