For customers residing in Japan
This product is for overseas shipping only, so if you live in Japan, please purchase from here .

200g x 3bags/month

Next period for acceptance : until November 31st , 2022.
Roasting date : December 6th , 2022.
Shipping date : December 8th, 2022.


Service area:
South Korea, Vietnam
 Taiwan, Hong Kong
 Indonesia , Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand,
Mainland of China
(A few weeks delayed) ,
 New Zealand(A few weeks delayed), Australia (A few weeks delayed).

Shipping fee:
 For Asia ¥1,820 / For Pacific ¥3,900

■ The Japanese consumption tax (8%) will not be charged.

■ The amount deducted is shown.
■ In addition to the product's price, EMS shipping charges will apply.
■ Please note if any additional local charges occur (such as customs clearance, import duties, or local taxes), they are to be borne by the customer.

FUGLEN COFFEE CLUB is a subscription service for customers in Asia-Pacific. Once a month, we will deliver fresh coffee beans just after roasting on the first Friday of each month. The current region serviced is stated below. The area will expand gradually.
However, if you are a customer in an area that is not available, please get in touch with us through the contact form.

We will deliver three (200g x 3 bags) of coffee monthly.

■ If you register once, it will be delivered continuously every month.
■ In the case that "An amount of coffee from last month remains" or "It is unnecessary as there is a long business trip/vacation," you can use the skip function.
■ Please choose to have the coffee as Whole Beans, ground for Filter coffee, or ground for French press.
■ We also accept requests to change one bag to an espresso roast.

Schedule of payment and delivery
// Settlement //
■ The first day of every month is the automatic settlement date.
■ In addition to the product price, the EMS shipping fee will be charged to the registered credit card.
■ The first month of the subscription will be confirmed on the date of application. However, from the next month onwards, it will be automatically renewed on the first day of every month.
■ To skip or cancel, please file the notice from ' My Page ' before the end of the month.
■ Please note a credit card is only available for payments

// Delivery //
■ After payment is confirmed, We will ship your coffee on the first Friday of every month.
■ EMS will ship it.
■ An example schedule scenario for the initial month. 2019/6/29th Date of application ⇒ First month shipping 7/5th (Fri), Next payment will be on 8/1st 2019/7/5th Date of application ⇒ First month shipping 8/2nd (Fri), Next payment will be on 9/1st

The roster will select and deliver every month. So enjoy delicious coffee with your family, at the office, on the go, anytime. If you have any questions or requests, please get in touch with us using the contact form.

For customers residing in Japan 
This product is for overseas shipping only, so customers in Japan should purchase from here.

Type: Coffee Beans

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