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Please email us for wholesale coffee bean sales, training, support, office coffee, and other inquiries about our company.

We can also provide samples and organize tasting sessions for customers interested in doing business with us.
Feel free to get in touch with us first!

Contact email address: roastery@fuglen.no




Led by owner Einar Holte (Norwegian Barista Champion 2007), who has established several successful cafés in Norway, including FUGLEN OSLO and FUGLEN TOKYO, the staff are fully supported by regular training in Oslo.The team, who are well versed in the newest coffee-brewing techniques, provides full support.

We supply fresh, unique coffee beans to cafés, restaurants, hotels, and other services throughout the country that require coffee.
Our goal is to make Nordic-style coffee accessible.
And to create a sustainable society through coffee.
We welcome partners who share our vision and are willing to take on challenges with us and support us to the best of their ability.
We want to nurture relationships where we can help each other and grow together as trusted partners.

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Whether you are planning to open a new café, hotel, or commercial building, a restaurant wanting to serve good coffee, or a business wanting to run a healthy and smooth office operation, do you have a coffee problem?
We can help you with everything from coffee equipment selection to shop direction and barista training.
We can help your business in a way that suits your requirements.

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Tasting sessions are free of charge for customers who are considering doing business with us.
Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Email: roastery@fuglen.no
You can also contact us using the contact form .




FUGLEN COFFEE ROASTERS TOKYO wants to work alongside people who are committed to serving great coffee in their café, restaurant or office in Asia.
We want to develop a relationship with our partners which grows & evolves over time.
We're experienced as both coffee roasters and café retailers and can provide the advice, the training and the quality to really help make your business stand out.

Roasting: We roast our with care and respect for their countries of origin, bringing out the unique characteristics of each region.
All our coffees are distinctly light roast, reflecting the Nordic roasting style, with our Loring Smart Roaster.
Fuglen Coffee is roasted every week by order, and packed and shipped out immediately.

Cupping & Tasting: Upon request, you can visit us at the roastery for a Fuglen Coffee cupping session.
Please send us a request through our contact form .