french press

French press recipe


[Things to prepare]

1. French press (capacity 350ml or more)
2. Scale (preferably in 0.0g units)
3. timer 4. long-handled spoon 5. ground coffee beans for French press 6. boiling water


[Basic recipe]

Coffee beans: Hot water = 20.0g: 300g
Water temperature: Freshly boiled Extraction time: 4 minutes


① Weigh 20.0g of coffee beans and grind them for French press.

② Warm up the French press with hot water.

③ Throw away the hot water of the French press and put the ground coffee beans in it.

④ Pour 300g of hot water immediately after boiling and measure 4 minutes with a timer at the same time.

⑤ After pouring 300g, mix vertically 4 times with a spoon.

⑥ Set the plunger to confine the aroma.

⑦ After 4 minutes, stir again 4 times.

⑧ Press down the plunger to complete.


The French press is often ground roughly, but if it feels thin, grind it a little finer to bring out the fruity flavor.