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Danche / Ethiopia

Flavor Profile:
Red grape, Stone fruits, Black tea, Jasmine tea.

Washing station : Chelbesa
Certifications: Organic
Zone : Gedeo, Sidama
Region : Gedeb
Village: Danche
Country of Origin : Ethiopia
Variety : Welisho, Dega
Process : Washed
Altitude : 2100 masl
Crop year : 2021-2022 

Danche has a soft texture typical of Ethiopia, with a jasmine tea-like quality, fruitiness such as red grapes and ripe stone fruit, and a black tea-like flavor.
From the moment you grind coffee beans, the gorgeous aroma spreads, and the heart dances.

We have been purchasing this Danche for these three years, and this year's coffee is again sweet, gentle, and fruity.

Cherubessa Washing Station is a washing station built six years ago in the small village of Danche.
It is certified organic in Ethiopia and has earned a reputation for respecting the surrounding environment.

The surrounding farmers grow their coffee in an environment that is an example of healthy organic farming in harmony with the natural environment, with dense semi-forest vegetation overlaying the farmland.

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Type: Coffee Beans

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