[Online shop sales end] Christmas Drip Bag Box (10pcs)

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Christmas drip bag box (10pcs)

The limited edition of the drip bag box design for Christmas is now available ✨.

The internationally acclaimed Norwegian illustrator Bendik Kaltenborn, well-known for his Fuglen coffee labels, has illustrated our Christmas design!

The drip bag allows you to enjoy Fuglen coffee anytime, anywhere, as long as you have hot water and a cup.

Enjoy it as a Christmas present or with your family and friends 🎅.

The drip bags are filled with nitrogen gas to preserve the freshly ground flavor for as long as possible.
The beans contain a generous 14g, so use them in a large cup such as a mug or tumbler.
Recommended hot water volume is 200-230g.
is now available ✨.

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Drip Bag × 10pcs (Danche / Ethiopia🇪🇹 ×5 , Bulambuli / Uganda🇺🇬 ×5)

Red grape, Stone fruits, Black tea,Jasmine tea.

Apple, Dried fruits, Oolong tea, Winy. 

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Friday 9 - Sunday 25 December.

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Christmas gift set with drip bag box here 🎁.

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