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drip bag
Caballero / Honduras

The coffee produced by Marisabel and Moises, who are familiar with Fuglen, is carefully managed from cultivation to harvesting to refining. Their coffee has a bright fruit flavor, is clean and timeless, and is a well-balanced coffee that you'll want to drink every day.

Just set the drip bag in the cup and pour hot water to enjoy delicious coffee anywhere, easily.
Filled with nitrogen gas to maintain freshly ground flavor for as long as possible.
It contains a generous 14g of beans, so please use it in a large cup such as a mug or tumbler.

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Flavor Profile:
Fruit flavors of plums and dried fruits, sweetness of brown sugar,
Creamy taste.

Plum, Dried fruits, Brown sugar, Creamy mouthfeel.

Origin : Honduras
Purification method : Washed
Contents : 14g
Recommended amount of hot water : 200~230cc

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Ten ¥2,500 ¥250 ¥200

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Type: Coffee Beans

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