outdoor coffee

outdoor coffee recipes

[Things to prepare]

1. Aeropress body and special paper filter 2. Cup (capacity: 250ml or more)
3. Something that can measure time, such as a clock or stopwatch 4. A spoon with a long handle 5. Ground coffee beans for the aeropress 6. Hot water (90°C or higher)
7. Attached measuring spoon (it's okay without it)

[Basic recipe]

Coffee beans : Hot water = 12g: 180g
Hot water temperature: 90℃~
Extraction time: 90 seconds

1. Fit the cap with the paper filter into the chamber.

2. Weigh the ground coffee beans for the aeropress (reference: 8 to 9 minutes of the attached spoon * )

3. Place the ground coffee beans into the chamber.

4. Pour all 180g of hot water in one throw. (Reference: Mark ④ on the plunger)

5. Stir vertically 4 times with a spoon and insert the plunger .

6. After 60 seconds on the timer, remove the plunger and stir again with a spoon vertically 4 times.

7. Set the plunger again and press slowly. (approximately 20 seconds)

8. Completed if the extraction is completed 90 seconds after the start.

*If you do not have the attached measuring spoon:
6 heaped teaspoons or 2 flat curry spoons is 12g.