July 06, 2023


Flavor Profile :

Pineapple, Papaya, Tea-like, Citrus.

Producer: Yonal Fernandez
Farm: El Barejon
Origin: Peru
Region: Jaen > Colasay
Varietal: Bourbon
Process: Washed
Elevation: 1750 meters above sea level
Harvest: 2022

From this coffee, you can expect flavors of pineapple's fruity notes, papaya's sweetness, and a subtle citrus undertone, all enveloped in a tea-like texture.

Following our Fernandez Familia Espresso enjoyed during spring, this time we bring you Yonal Fernandez as a filter coffee. This lot is sourced from the Fernandez family, who have obtained organic certification in their country of origin.

Yonal Fernandez is a small-scale coffee farmer who works alongside his parents, siblings, and cousins to produce coffee. His El Barejon farm is located in the village of Bensedor in the Colasay district of Jaen, Peru, at an elevation of over 1750 meters. The farm covers an area of 3 hectares, making it a medium-sized farm in Peru.

He cultivates the native Bourbon variety, which is quite common in this region as almost all farmers in the Colasay district plant almost 100% Bourbon. Interestingly, many producers in this area refer to almost all varieties other than Catimor as either Bourbon or Costa Rica.

Although the farm is family-run, during the harvest season, they enlist the help of pickers to assist with the harvest. This additional help is necessary to ensure that the coffee cherries are picked at the right time of ripeness for optimal results, as it requires more hands than just the family members can provide.

During the harvest season, the cherries are hand-picked early in the morning and immediately floated in water. Overripe or defective cherries, being less dense and lighter, float to the surface of the water. At this stage, any lower-quality cherries are removed.

The following morning, the producer uses a mechanical depulper to remove the skin and fruit flesh from the parchment. Subsequently, the mucilage is broken down and removed through a fermentation process that takes about 24 hours, using bags or small tanks.

In Peru, most producers perform all the processing steps from harvest to depulping, fermentation, and drying within their own farms. The Fernandez family also operates their beneficio (processing facility) within the farm premises, using small depulpers, wooden tanks, or concrete fermentation tanks for their processing.

Due to the limited processing equipment typically owned by small-scale producers, the use of African beds for drying coffee is rare. Many producers either dry the coffee on the ground under shade with plastic sheets or use small polypropylene tents. The drying process takes about 12 to 25 days, reducing the moisture content to around 9-11%.

Even without advanced facilities, when precise and careful processing is carried out, coffee can exhibit its inherent potential. The significant effort put in by the Fernandez family can be felt behind the scenes of producing exceptional coffee.

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