October 20, 2023

Sitio Pico Mirante / Brazil


Flavor profile :
Mandarine orange, Stone fruits, Chocolate.
Fruit flavors of mandarin orange and stone fruit, sweetness of chocolate and a lingering finish.

Country of origin: Brazil
Locality: South of Minas Gerais > Monte Belo
Farm: Sitio Pico Mirante
Producer: Adolfo Henrique Vieira Ferreira
Variety: Topazio
Purification method: Natural
Altitude: 1300masl
Harvest period: 2022

This coffee has bright fruit flavors of mandarin orange and stone fruit, with a lingering chocolate flavor and sweetness.
This coffee has a clear and beautiful fruit flavor, with almost no aroma characteristic of naturally refined coffee.

Minas Gerais is the country's largest coffee producing region, producing about half of Brazil's total coffee production.
The Sitio Pico Mirante farm is located in the heart of the southern region of the state, also known as Suziminas or Southern Minas.
This farm has been managed by Adolfo Enrique Vieira Ferreira for three generations.
The Ferreira family maintains a tradition of coffee cultivation that dates back over 100 years and currently grows coffee on a vast 130 hectare farm.
The Pico Mirante farm was originally owned by Mr. Adolfo's grandfather, and is now managed by Mr. Adolfo himself.

This farm is located on the highest mountain in the southern state of Minas Gerais, over 1,450m above sea level.The high altitude and local climate make it ideal for growing high quality coffee.
The farm's rugged mountainous terrain makes it difficult to use machinery, so Mr. Adolfo and his wife Edilene work painstakingly by hand.
In Brazil, it is common for producers to refine their beans themselves to the state of green beans, and they also do this at another farm, Fazenda Passeio. The Passeio is fully equipped with amenities such as a pulper, dryer, patio, and African bed.
Fuglen previously served Fazenda Passeio coffee as espresso.

Mr. Adolfo is passionate about protecting the environment on his farm.

He says, ``Pursuing the highest quality every day and paying close attention to every detail creates specialty coffee.''
For Adolfo, there is no doubt that his partners and the team he works with contribute greatly to the special taste of this coffee.

That is why we provide generous support for their living environment and education, providing housing for farm staff, and providing school education, vocational training, and environmental protection so that their children can cherish their education and future possibilities. We support understanding.


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