September 24, 2022

Danshe / Ethiopia


Flavor Profile:
Red grape, Stone fruits, Black tea, Jasmine tea.


Washing station : Chelbesa
Certifications: Organic
Zorn : Gedeo, Sidama
Region : Gedeb
Village: Danche
Country : Ethiopia
Variety : Welisho, Dega
Process : Washed
Altitude : 2100 masl
Crop year : 2021-2022


Danche has a soft texture, typical of Ethiopia, with a jasmine tea-like quality, fruits such as red grapes and ripe stone fruits, and a black tea-like flavour.
From the moment the coffee beans are ground, the gorgeous aroma spreads and the heart dances.
This year is the third year we have bought this Danche, and this year's coffee is again sweet, gentle and fruity.


Chelbesa is located at an altitude of 2100 m above sea level in the Gedeo area, which includes the famous Yirgacheffe area, which is no longer unknown in Ethiopia. one of the best coffee-growing areas in the region of Gedeb Woreda.

Chelbesa Washing Station is the refining facility built six years ago in the small village of Danche.

The station is certified organic in Ethiopia and is highly regarded for its respect for the surrounding environment.

Only ripe coffee cherries are selected and collected daily during the harvest season from 476 surrounding farm households.

The surrounding farmhouses are known for their dense layers of semi-forest vegetation, including banana trees and shade-grown coffee trees.

The coffee is grown in an environment integrated with the natural environment and is a model of healthy organic farming.


Purification method: Washed

Cherries are harvested manually and are also sorted immediately before the refining process.A standard disc pulper removes the pulp, floats it in the water, and sorts it into Grades 1, 2, 3 and 4.We buy only the best quality Grade 1 fruit.
After the pulping, the parchment is submerged in water tanks for 72 hours, where the fermentation removes the mucilage.The wet-mille's fermentation tanks are made of ceramic, which not only gives clarity to the coffee but also speeds up the fermentation process and improves uniformity.
It is then thoroughly cleaned in the washing channel.This process is also carried out simultaneously with specific gravity sorting using water.
This is a traditional sorting method in Ethiopia and other African countries.
Dense, sunken material is the higher grade.

The parchment is then soaked in clean water for two hours.
After soaking, the parchment is moved to an African bed drying table, spread evenly to a thickness of 2 cm and dried in the sun for about ten days to 2 weeks.

Once dried, the parchment is transferred to a covered warehouse, where it is finished by manually removing any defective beans for 2-4 hours.


Producer information

Environment: semi-forest

Average size: 1-2 hectares

Soil: fertile red soil

Coffee trees per hectare: 1800-2400

Fruit yield per coffee tree: 3kg


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Danshe's tasting video is uploaded on YouTube!
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