September 24, 2022

Cappadocia /Brazil


Flavor Profile:
Stone fruits, Dark chocolate, Cane sugar,

Producer: Augusto Borges Ferreira

Farm: Capadocia
Region: Sao Goncalo do Sapucai > Sul de Minas
Country: Brazil
Variety : Catucai
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1300masl
Harvest: 2021



'Brazilian coffee should aim for speciality grade.'

This coffee is produced on the estate of Augusto, a young producer who visited the estate in 2018.
We are delighted to be able to enjoy it with you again this year.
This coffee is not a coffee that expresses intense fruitiness but has a delicate fruitiness that is well above the average quality of Brazilian coffees. You will enjoy its beautiful texture and a gentle, firm sweetness that makes you think you have melted sugar.


Brazil is known as the world's largest coffee producer.Compared to coffee from other producing regions, the quality of Brazilian coffee is low-priced but stable, and many people may associate it with a subdued flavour reminiscent of milk chocolate or nuts.
Coffee production costs in Brazil are high relative to the prices traded on the market, and producers must manage production to minimise costs. Among other things, labour costs are a large part of the production costs, so Brazilian plantations generally use large-scale harvesting with machinery.
On the other hand, on Augusto's plantation, all cherries are carefully sorted and harvested by hand.The cost of harvesting the cherries by hand is, on average, three times higher than the cost of harvesting by machine, but the difference in the quality of the resulting coffee is noticeable.
His coffee strongly expresses his belief that 'Brazilian coffee should aim for speciality grade'. 

A typical Brazilian coffee profile (flavour) does not command high prices in today's market.
As a result, Brazilian coffee is often traded at a relatively low price point, making it difficult for producers to obtain funds to invest in quality improvement and new initiatives.
In other words, producers must invest in quality to ensure a more expensive coffee market is secured.
I am fascinated by the strenuous but minor efforts to do their best in these circumstances and improve their coffee quality. 

Augusto is the fourth generation of a coffee-farming family and was brought up with coffee trees in childhood.His wife, Patricia Fernanda Silveira, is also a young person from a coffee-farming family.They share the same high aspirations for quality in coffee cultivation, and their ambition makes them feel like a family strongly bound together.

Capadocia covers an area of approximately 7 hectares, of which about 4 hectares are under coffee cultivation. The place where the plantation is located is in the Sul de Minas, i.e. south of the state of Minas Gerais, where the average temperature is 22°C to 24°C, and the fertile soil and mountainous terrain are very suitable for coffee growing.
The area produces about 30% of Brazil's coffee.


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