April 13, 2023


Flavor Profile :
Acerola, Raspberry jam, Syrupy

Country of origin: Kenya
Producer: Mara Coffee Estate
Regions: Narok county
Variety : SL-28, SL-34,Ruiru 11
Process : Natural
Altitude: 1600 - 1800masl
Harvest: 2022

Kenya is often associated with washed coffees with strong acidity and fruitiness, but in recent years the country has begun to produce natural process coffees to further expand the potential of Kenyan coffee.

Since we started roasting as Fuglen Coffee Roasters, we have been buying Kenyan coffee every year without fail, but this is the first time we are bringing you a natural process Kenyan coffee.

We hope you enjoy this new aspect of Kenyan coffee. Bomu la matunda has a concentrated fruit flavor, like jam or syrup, and a moist texture from the process.


The Mara Coffee Estate, established in 2019, is a new 600-acre plantation situated in southwest Kenya near the Tanzanian border.

It is located in the highlands, a few kilometers away from the well-known Masai Mara national wildlife sanctuary, and relatively close to the savannah.

While most of the high-quality coffee in Kenya is grown in the north and northeast regions of Nairobi, the western region, including Nakuru, has recently become a new coffee area due to its optimal climate and altitude for producing exceptional coffee.

The estate mainly produces natural coffee, making it a relatively new player in this aspect of coffee production. Although the concept of a "natural Kenyan flavor" is still challenging to imagine, it is an exciting prospect to see how this type of coffee will evolve in the future.



The plantation utilizes irrigation and practices dense coffee tree planting to optimize production, while also implementing meticulous pruning and thinning techniques to ensure a high-quality harvest.

Thanks to this careful attention, Mara Estate can yield up to 1.5 kg of green coffee beans per tree, which is roughly three times the average production of a small-scale farmer in Kenya.

Only ripe cherries are harvested and processed by hand.

On the estate, the harvested cherries are fermented in barrels for four days.

They are then transferred to drying beds for drying.

To ensure uniform quality, the cherries are carefully sorted by hand twice - before fermentation in the barrels and during drying.

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Bomu la matunda🇰🇪