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El Martillo Espresso  / El Salvador

Flavor Profile : 
Mandarine Orange, Blueberry, Intense, Juicy, High cacao chocolate. 

Origin:El Salvador
Producer:Jose Antonio Salaverria
Region:Santa Ana > Apaneca Ilamatepeque
Farm : El Martillo
Variety : SL 28
Process : Washed
Altitude : 1650~1700masl
Harvest : 2023 

We are bringing you the SL-28 variety from the Saravelia family, who produce El Pedregal which you can also enjoy as an Espresso at our shop counter.
SL28 is one of the most famous and highly regarded varieties in Africa. Originally selected in Kenya in the 1930s, this variety later spread from Kenya to other regions of Africa, and now to Latin America as well. It is called SL because it originated at the Scott Laboratory research institute.
With flavors of currants and berries, it is an extremely fruity variety that combines a powerful fruity taste and rich sweetness. It was introduced to El Salvador and its production has been gradually increasing.
Although it has a different expression from the Kenyan SL28, the strength of its fruitiness remains, giving a juicy fruity taste reminiscent of eating citrus or berry flesh. There is a faint aroma of white flowers that transforms into a gentle sweetness.
When extracted intensely like an Espresso, the berry fruitiness is even more pronounced, giving an impression of eating fresh blueberries. At the same time, the clean and sweet character typical of El Salvador remains, with the different qualities blending together to create more complexity. From the moment you open the bag, there is an aroma of high cocoa chocolate, crisp yet sweet, which is also distinctly present when drinking it.

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Type: Coffee Beans

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