Photobook [Beber Mi Sudor] by Jake Green

A collection of photographs of Colombian coffee growers and the surrounding landscape by our English friend Jake Green.
Beber Mi Sudor."
The title Beber Mi Sudor translates to "drink my sweat, drink my sweat" in English. He is shocked to see how hard the work is. Every time I drank a cup of coffee after that, I could picture them in my mind, and it was more than just a cup.
I was with them on this journey, so I shared Jake's emotions at the places we toured together and on the set of the film. The book's title, "drink my sweat," is exactly right. I am happy to be able to share with you the form of a photo book that captures the region as it is.

The photo book is taken in Kenya [Kunywa Jasho Langu].

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