aero press

Aeropress Recipe (Upright)

[Things to prepare]

1. Aeropress main unit and dedicated paper filter 2. Server (Capacity: 250ml or more)
3. Kettle 4. Scale (preferably in 0.0g units)
5. timer 6. long-handled spoon 7. ground coffee beans for aeropress 8. boiling water

[Basic recipe]

Coffee beans : Hot water = 15.0g: 200g
Water temperature: 92-93℃
Extraction time: 90 seconds

① Weigh 15.0g of coffee beans and grind them for the aeropress.

(2) Insert the cap with the paper filter into the chamber and blanch it.

③ Put the ground coffee beans into the chamber.

④ Pour all 200g of hot water in one throw.
(Timer starts at the same time as pouring)

⑤ Stir 4 times vertically with a spoon and insert the plunger .

⑥ After 60 seconds on the timer, remove the plunger and stir again with a spoon vertically 4 times.

⑦ Set the plunger again and press slowly.
(The guideline is 20 seconds.)

⑧ It is completed if the extraction is completed 90 seconds after the start.

In addition to the uprights introduced this time, there is a style called invert.
Aeropress has a wide range of brewing methods and recipes, so please try various things.