Wed - Sun:  12:00 - 18:00
(Last Order: 17:00)

Fuglen Sangūbashi 
showcases a unique coffee experience where we invest extra time and craftsmanship to brew your coffee, allowing you to savour the flavours at your leisure.

Situated within a renovated old Japanese traditional home, it holds a charm reminiscent of Fuglen in Tomigaya. The interior embodies an tranquil ambiance, akin to a mountain hut.  Our counter, crafted from Daté Kan Stone—a volcanic stone formed 20 million years ago and sourced from Miyagi Prefecture—imbues a natural and rustic feel, bring together the overall aesthetic. Please come and enjoy the rich characteristics of the coffee in a tranquil space.

With limited seating, reservations are highly recommended. Priority will be given to those who reserve in advance.
Throughout January and February, we will exclusively offer a curated course. The course is a unique coffee experience, which includes Fuglen hand drip coffee, Kokekaffe (Norwegian hiking coffee), and Okinawa ADA Farm's hand drip coffee.

9 counter seats, 4 table seats

Credit card or electronic payment only (cash not accepted)

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