Wilfa SVART Aroma

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The Wilfa Svart Aroma is an updated version of the Wilfa Nymalt, a high-performance grinder from the Norwegian home appliance manufacturer Wilfa.

The grinder is the most indispensable tool for brewing delicious coffee. By grinding coffee beans to the correct particle size, it is possible to achieve a well-balanced extraction. Also, by fine-tuning the grain size, the potential of the coffee beans can be brought out to the fullest extent, depending on the characteristics of the brewing equipment.

The Wilfa SVART Aroma is always a popular item at FUGLEN's POP-UPs.
Enjoy the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, its complex flavor, and its clear aftertaste at home, just as you would in a coffee shop.

Here are the product features

DC motor reduces frictional heat.
Low-speed grinding reduces the frictional heat transmitted to the beans, enabling the brewer to extract coffee with a more decadent aroma.
The coffee beans are evenly grained, making this an authentic tool that can reproduce the same taste of coffee at home as in a store.
You can enjoy delicious coffee anytime with fresh coffee beans and a Wilfa grinder.
It is the first choice in FUGLEN catering.
*Aroma is only available in black.

17-step grind setting for a variety of extractions.
It adopts a conical blade that reduces heat generation and preserves the coffee flavor. You can achieve your desired grind from French press, filter, and Aeropress to espresso. The hopper and container are UV coated to prevent oxidation.

Easy to set the grinding time.
A timer with an automatic shut-off function allows you to set the time to grind only the required amount of beans. In addition, the safety design prevents overheating due to excessive operation, making the machine safe to use.

The clean mechanism for safe daily use
The main parts can be removed, making cleaning easy after use.

 Product Specifications "Material
 Body: ABS
 Hopper (bean container): SAN
 Lid: PP
 Container (powder receiver): SAN
 Conical blade: Stainless steel
 Warranty period: 1 year
 Country of origin: China
 Dimensions (mm): W17.2 x D12.6 x H28.5
 Body weight (g): Approx. 1900
 Voltage/frequency: 100V-50/60Hz
 Cord length: 0.8m
 Power consumption: 130W
 Rotation speed: 500 to 600 rpm

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Type: Coffee Equipment

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