The past and future of FUGLEN COFFEE ROASTERS.

March 13, 2017

FUGLEN's original shop opened in Oslo, Norway in 1963.

In 2012, FUGLEN TOKYO opened in Tomigaya as the second FUGLEN store and the first overseas store.
At that time, FUGLEN TOKYO used roasted beans flown in from Norwegian roasters such as TIM WENDELBOE, KAFFA, and Supreme Roastworks, similar to the concept of the original shop.
I think that I was able to introduce the Norwegian coffee situation and lifestyle through the types of coffee to those who came to the store.

Looking back now, I feel like I did a good job serving coffee from far away Norway, especially with a multi-roaster.
Even if the beans are about to run out, you can't receive them immediately.
Skills required to serve coffee from different roasters.
It was a repetition of studying and practicing various elements.

And above all, the desire to build our own taste has become stronger.
Select the ideal green beans and roast them so that you can feel the character of the coffee beans.
It is to pursue coffee with the fruity flavor of coffee beans, the sweet aroma of flowers, and a clear aftertaste.
I think that if we can make proposals that focus on the character of coffee by having a consistent process from selecting green beans to roasting and serving coffee at the cafe, we can stimulate the interest and imagination of those who drink it. .

After going through such a process, FUGLEN COFFEE ROASTERS was opened in Shibuya, Tokyo in August 2014.
It's a bit of a strange development that the company's own roastery, which was not even in Oslo, will start in Tokyo.

The roasting machine uses LG12 from German company PROBAT.
Green beans are selected according to the harvest season from fresh beans owned by Oslo-based coffee trading companies NORDIC APPROACH and The Collaborative Coffee Source.

We import greens in-house with the cooperation of a specialized transportation company, and we have finally established a system where you can always choose from 3 to 5 types of beans.

We currently have LAYO TIRAGA from Ethiopia, AA KAGUMOINI from Kenya and NELSON RAMIREZ from Honduras, and we are planning to release a new Honduran bean soon.

FUGLEN COFFEE ROASTERS is an independent roastery located in Jinnan, Shibuya-ku.
In contrast to the liveliness of the café, it is a place dedicated to production and training, with the same routine every week and moving intensively.

On Mondays, we do production cupping of the beans roasted in the previous week, quality check, and brush up the roast profile.
We roast all day Tuesday and Wednesday.
FUGLEN TOKYO and our partner shops have everything you need for the week and supply fresh beans every week.
We ship on Thursdays and set aside Fridays to train our staff and partners.
On weekends, we occasionally go to POP UPs and hold events at our roastery.

By simplifying the flow of each week, I try to be able to pay attention to details, like a fixed-point observation.

What I started for the future.

In December 2015, FUGLEN COFFEE ROASTERS first visited a farm in Kenya.

This was a big step for us, as we wanted to learn about the refining process and management/distribution process of the beans we use.
So far, in addition to Kenya, I have traveled to Ethiopia, Colombia, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Honduras.
By knowing the process, I came to understand the background of quality that cannot be judged by cupping alone.

I also began to imagine that, for example, by doing direct trade with some farms, I would be able to understand coffee from a broader perspective.
Direct trade is not an easy thing to start, but it may be possible to stimulate the imagination of coffee drinkers by communicating it in the form of a NEWS LETTER.

For the person who drinks it, there is no need to know the background, and for the provider, it is meaningless if the coffee is not delicious.
Even so, just as a sommelier adds words to wine, if the coffee drinker's interest and imagination are expanded by knowing the process, then we need to convey what we have seen and know. I feel like I'm going to have a good time.

It's not just about the farm, but also about the roasting we do and the points to make a delicious drip coffee. did.
I would be very happy if this helps someone.