How to make "Cold Brew"

July 21, 2018

It's been hot these days, and I've had more opportunities to drink cold coffee than hot coffee.
Isn't it more and more people who make coffee at home and switch to iced coffee?

Fuglen has been offering cold filter coffee called Cold Brew for a long time,
Because it is made with filter-roasted coffee beans and cooled quickly, it is characterized by a delicate flavor and refreshing feeling unique to light roasting.
African beans such as those from Ethiopia have a bright, fruit-like acidity, while beans from Central America such as Colombia have a clean, sweet taste.

I highly recommend this Cold Brew because it's easy to make and solves the problem of iced coffee being too strong or too thin.

This time, I will introduce how to make such Cold Brew!

[Things to prepare]

·Coffee beans
・Dripper/Server/Paper filter ※I used Kalita wave155 ・Scale ・Timer ・Milled sugar (2g)
・Pot etc. for cooling ・1 pack of large ice cubes

I will make it with Nano Challa, which has just been released in Ethiopia.
It tastes like plums and oranges and is perfect for Cold Brew!

【 recipe 】

This time, I will introduce you to a simple cold brew recipe for one cup.

・Coffee beans: 20g (coarsely ground)
・Hot water: 250ml / 93℃
・Extraction time: 30 seconds x 50ml 5 times, total 2 minutes 30 seconds Approximate ・Millet sugar: 2g used

Let's make it right away!

[How to make]

First, set the paper filter and pour hot water to remove the smell of the paper.
By rinsing, the smell of the paper will not transfer to the coffee, and you can fully enjoy the flavor of the coffee.

Then set the coarsely ground coffee beans and start the extraction.

The first step is the steaming process.
Wait for another 20 seconds after pouring 50ml in 10 seconds.

After 30 seconds of steaming, pour in 50 ml of hot water every 30 seconds in the same way.
It's a good idea to pour hot water over the coffee beans while drawing a circle about the size of a 10-yen coin.
*At this time, if you draw a large circle and pour it just enough to hit the paper filter, the hot water will drain from the sides and the liquid will become thinner.

time and water

0:30 - 50ml
1:00 - 100ml
1:30 - 150ml
2:00 - 200ml
2:30 - 250ml extraction complete! !

As soon as it has fallen, add millet sugar to the warm coffee and mix lightly.

By putting it in before it cools down, the millet sugar will dissolve completely.
The addition of cane sugar softens the sharpness of the sourness when cooled.

Immerse the server in a pan filled with ice water and let it cool rapidly for about 10 minutes.
If you accidentally put ice in your coffee and chill it, the concentration will be diluted.
Be careful not to change the taste of the coffee.

Add ice to the glass, pour in the coffee, and you're done!
(Because it is brewed a little stronger than usual, it will not become diluted even if the ice melts a little, and you can drink it deliciously.)

I used Ethiopian coffee beans this time, but you can enjoy the same recipe with coffee beans from other countries. Also, you can reduce or increase the amount of millet sugar according to your preference.

Let's enjoy coffee life with easy and delicious Cold Brew even in hot summer.

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