FUGLEN COFFEE ROASTERS 3rd anniversary and the future

October 16, 2017

We were able to celebrate the 3rd anniversary this time from the opening on August 30, 2014.
On September 10th, we celebrated our 3rd anniversary at a roastery in Jinnan to thank all coffee lovers, customers of FUGLEN TOKYO, and partners of FUGLEN COFFEE ROASTERS.
It's a simple way to enjoy coffee, 3 types of coffee tasting and a roasting demonstration.
In addition, we will also be unveiling the roaster cafe on this day.
Until now, we have installed a counter in the space that was only used for roasting, and now we can serve coffee.

In this newsletter, I would like to look back on the past and tell you about the future goals from the members, including the representative Kojima.

Celebrating the 3rd anniversary, where we should go from now on.

In my first year, my first goal was to be able to roast coffee that would be recognized by my seniors in Oslo, Norway.
This meant that we had to roast some of the best coffee in the world right from the start.
We were able to reach such a lofty goal because, above all, Oslo's coffee pioneers shared everything openly.
They allowed me to participate in in-house cupping sessions that no one else was allowed to participate in, and told me which roasts were good and which were not.
We sent our roasted coffee beans to them and received suggestions and suggestions for improvement.

Then, in the second year, I started visiting coffee-producing countries.
I experienced the coffee making site, brought back the sense of reality I got there, and tried coffee roasting.
After visiting the production area, I realized that it is different from visiting the production area to be able to make better coffee.
If we were to cite four conditions for making delicious coffee, the selection of ingredients, roasting, extraction, and the method of serving would be the most important factors.
All of them can be completed in Japan without visiting the production country.
Then, can a person who has knowledge about coffee cultivation and production make delicious coffee? can't you make it?
It's not that kind of thing, but because I think that cultivation and production of coffee is a completely different dimension of work.
This is a story I heard from a producer in Honduras, but it seems that the production of agricultural crops called coffee, especially the highest quality ingredients that we purchase, cannot be made without thorough management 365 days a year. .
The purpose of visiting the production area is to meet such a reliable producer and make delicious coffee together as a partner.

In the third year, we will continue to visit production areas and plan to purchase coffee from producers we have met in person as much as possible, and the coffee will arrive this fall and winter.

Why do we want everyone to drink this coffee?
Sharing the story of how the coffee is made with everyone as much as possible will be the center of our activities in the fourth year.
For that reason, we recently renovated the roastery and created a coffee counter.

It's a space that functions more like a tasting room than a cafe, so I think you can enjoy our coffee more easily.
I still have a lot to learn about coffee-producing countries, but I would like to continue to visit producers in the fourth year and deliver reliable coffee to everyone.

Kenji Kojima

Hello, this is Yazaki, who is in charge of sales.
In the world of coffee roasters and baristas, which have a strong image of craftsmen, it seems difficult to get used to the "sales" department. I am working on it thinking that I am in charge.

I think there are still many people who are interested in coffee but don't have the chance, or who can't experience it because there are no shops nearby.
It would be difficult to open stores nationwide as FUGLEN right away, but we hope to shorten the distance even a little by having our coffee served at cafes and restaurants, so we are trying it out with our partners. I've been making mistakes and moving forward.

In that sense, over the past three years, the number one effort has been to increase the number of places where people can casually go out for a drink.
I want you to enjoy it in a wider range of places without changing the quality.

Even in the fourth year, we will continue to work with our partners so that light roasted coffee can be enjoyed in various places.
Also, I would like to increase the number of POP UP opportunities outside of Tokyo.
Of course, rather than just providing coffee, I would like to introduce stories such as coffee characters and production backgrounds, so that coffee can become a more familiar presence.

Tomoya Yazaki

Just like vegetables and fruits, coffee has various production areas and various varieties and production methods.
By learning about the individuality and background of each coffee, I hope that people will naturally choose what they like to drink. In that sense, I hope coffee becomes familiar.

I have been aiming to convey the individuality of such coffee directly, and to deliver coffee that I myself think is "delicious!" and that everyone can feel the same way.

Welcome everyone to the world of coffee! It's important to be delicious to draw in.

It's been three years so far.
And from now on.

There must be a reason why any delicious food is delicious.
Why is this coffee so delicious, who made this coffee and how. In the 4th year, I would like to know more about the producers, learn about the production background, and tell everyone.
Also, I would like to increase the number of opportunities to meet you in person, so that we can enjoy coffee together and talk about various things.
We are waiting for you at the roaster cafe!

Roast/Training Manager Yuto Yoshida