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How to make iced coffee using Drip Bag

June 29, 2023


The rainy season is over, and the hot days are continuing every day.
It seems that the number of opportunities to order iced coffee at coffee shops has increased.

How are you all doing iced coffee at home coffee time?
This time, we will introduce iced coffee using a drip bag that can be easily made!

Here's what you need to prepare:

・Drip bag
→ Contains 14g of coffee powder.
・Balance (A kitchen scale is also acceptable. To measure the hot water to be poured.)
・Timer (to measure the extraction time)
→ The total extraction time is 3 minutes.
・Hot water (Electric kettle, kettle, etc. are OK. The recommended temperature is around 93℃, not immediately after boiling.)
→ Amount of hot water to pour: 180g (usually 200-230g, but this time it will be diluted with ice, so I made it thicker.)
・Ice → 5~6 pieces

①As shown in the picture above, set the drip bag on a glass for extraction and put it on the scale.

②Pour 40g hot water. Start the timer at the same time as pouring.

③ Steam up to 40 seconds.

④ After 40 seconds, pour hot water into the drip bag until it reaches about the 7th minute, and add hot water little by little so as to keep it (do not exceed the 7th minute).
* Pour slowly and gently to keep the water level constant.

⑤ After pouring 180g, leave it as it is until the timer has passed for 3 minutes.
* It is OK to soak the drip bag in hot water at this time! (picture below)
Extracting. Extraction stops at a certain concentration.

⑥ Pour the extracted coffee into a glass (large size that can hold an appropriate amount of extracted coffee and ice) with an appropriate amount of ice (5 to 6 pieces) to complete.

For hot, we recommend pouring 200-230g of hot water, but for iced, reduce the amount of hot water to 180g to make the brew stronger.
Then, pour the extracted coffee into ice to cool it quickly and adjust the concentration.

If you want to make it thicker, please reduce the amount of hot water you pour.
If you want to make it thinner, try increasing the amount of hot water you pour.

Drip bags are popular as gifts because they can be easily enjoyed at home or outdoors.
Please enjoy iced coffee in the summer.

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