Free shipping in Japan+ 100g of coffee beans of your choice as a gift
(Please indicate your desired coffee beans in the remarks column *)

This hand grinder can be stored compactly and is easy to carry around.
The grind can be adjusted in a 1-memory average of 37μ units, allowing for fine-tuning of grinding. In addition, this grinder enables the expression of the complex flavors of coffee beans.

It can grind approximately 20 g (equivalent to 2 cups) of coffee beans at a time.

The blade is ceramic, and you can easily wash it in water.
By keeping it clean, you can enjoy a fresh taste.

We recommend it for the following wishes.
To try hand grinding for the first time.
Fine-tune the grind to suit your brewing equipment.
To brew coffee while camping or outdoors.

 Body size (mm): 135 x φ50
 Material: Stainless steel (body), ceramic (blade)
 Weight: 266g 

We will include 100g of coffee beans (as beans) with the purchase of this product.
We will send you our recommended coffee beans if you do not specify.

・Free shipping will be provided only in Japan.
・We will ship within three days from the next day after your payment is completed, except for roasting days (Tuesdays), weekends, and holidays.}
・We will not enclose a delivery note if the delivery address differs from the purchaser's.
・If you have any requests regarding the product or delivery, please write them in the remarks column in the cart.

Type: Coffee Equipment

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