Bodum French Press 350ml

Free Shipping in Japan+ 100g of Coffee Beans of Your Choice as a Gift
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The French press, one of the simplest extraction methods, extracts all the sweetness, aroma, and oil necessary for the flavor of the coffee beans, bringing out their authentic taste.

This device makes it easy for anyone to brew delicious coffee by simply pouring hot water over medium-coarsely ground coffee beans and leaving it to sit until ready to serve, efficiently achieving a consistent flavor.

The glass container, stainless steel frame, and plunger can each be disassembled for easy maintenance and cleanliness.

It is a reliable brewer for busy mornings.

 Body size (mm): 111 x 80 x 168
 Capacity: 0.35L
 Container: Glass 
 Plunger: Stainless steel

We will include 100g of coffee beans (as beans) with the purchase of this product.
We will send you our recommended coffee beans if you do not specify.

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Type: Coffee Equipment

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