How to Brew

Brew your COLD BREW at home.

June 10, 2023

"FUGLEN COLD BREW" is a summer tradition at Fuglen. This drink was created with the intention of showcasing the refreshing taste unique to iced coffee, while also allowing you to fully experience the individual characteristics of each coffee bean. This time, we would like to introduce a recipe so that you can enjoy it at home.



The brewing method is the same as the procedure for hand-drip using the Kalita Wave Dripper, so please feel free to brew the coffee using your usual method. We have two key points for the recipe this time:

・Use slightly more coffee beans and brew it slightly stronger than when making hot coffee.

・To prevent the resulting coffee from getting diluted, rapidly cool it from the outside.

By keeping these two points in mind, you can enjoy iced coffee that retains its flavor without becoming weak, allowing the unique characteristics of the beans to shine through.

【Materials Needed】


This time, we will introduce two recipes with different measurements. The 18g recipe will yield 1 to 1.5 cups of coffee, while the 36g recipe will yield 2 to 3 cups of coffee.

⚪️Coffee Beans (AA Thimu) : 18g / 36g

⚪︎90~93℃ hot water: 250ml / 500ml
⚪️ Dripper: Wave Dripper 155/185
⚪︎Coffee server
⚪ Kettle
⚪️ Scale
⚪︎Timer ⚪︎ Millet sugar: Appropriate amount (about 0.5-1g)
⚪︎ A container such as a bowl to cool the coffee after extraction ⚪ ︎ Ice
*Please use a container made of a material that can withstand temperature changes without breaking, as the server will be rapidly cooled from the outside.

[Extraction procedure]


★ For the 20g recipe, pour 250ml of hot water, and for the 40g recipe, pour a total of 500ml of hot water. The recipe indicates the amount of hot water corresponding to each measurement, such as "250ml / 500ml."

Let's start brewing!

・Set up the brewing equipment and pour hot water over the paper filter. This will help remove any paper taste and preheat the brewing apparatus.
Place the coffee grounds into the dripper and begin the extraction process.

・Start the timer and evenly pour 50ml / 100ml (double the amount of coffee grounds plus a little extra) of hot water over the grounds.
Ideally, pour quickly within 10 seconds, ensuring the coffee grounds and water come into contact at the same time for consistent extraction.

・Once the timer reaches 40 seconds, pour another 50ml / 100ml of hot water over the entire surface.

・When the poured amount reaches 100ml / 200ml, position the kettle spout in the center of the dripper and pour slowly. Matching the speed of coffee dripping and water pouring will result in a more delicious brew.

・Once you have poured 250ml / 500ml of water, the process is complete.
If all the water has drained within a time frame of 2:30 to 3:30, it indicates an appropriate grind size.

・Rapidly cool the finished coffee.


[ Rapid cooling ]


After finishing brewing the coffee, immediately transfer the server to a bowl filled with ice water to cool it down. Rotating the container will expedite the cooling process, so it is recommended.

In "FUGLEN COLD BREW," we add cane sugar just before chilling. Increasing the amount of coffee grounds or chilling the coffee can sometimes result in a bitter aftertaste. To mitigate such bitterness, we adjust the flavor balance with the sweetness of cane sugar. In the Nordic region, there wasn't originally a tradition of consuming coffee cold, but variations of cold coffee drinks with added sugar and other ingredients emerged. You might be able to sense a trace of that tradition in "FUGLEN COLD BREW."

Even if you typically prefer your coffee without sugar, we encourage you to give this adaptation a try.