November 05, 2022

Branmburi / Uganda


Flavor Profile:
Apple, Dried fruits, Oolong tea, Winy.


Producer: Bulambuli washing station members
Washing station : Bulambuli
Foundation : 2021
Region : Mt.Elgon > Bulambuli
Country : Uganda
Variety : SL-28, SL-34, SL-14
Process : Washed
Altitude : 1800-2300masl
Harvest : 2022

This is the second time Fuglen has introduced coffee from the Republic of Uganda.
This coffee is grown in the Bulambuli region of Mount Elgon, which straddles Uganda's eastern border with Kenya.
Mount Elgon is a volcanic mountain that straddles Kenya to the southeast and Uganda to the northwest, and coffee is grown on both slopes.
The varieties grown in the region are mainly SL varieties, which are common in Kenya.Although Blambuli is similar to western Kenya in terms of cultivars and growing environment, the impression of Blambuli is slightly different from that of Kenya.

Bulambuli is made from coffee cherries from more than 500 small farms in the surrounding area at an altitude of 1800-2300 masl.
The lot is called Zinule, an indigenous word from the Lugisu meaning 'aromatic, boiled, sweet'.

Uganda's coffee production is about 4.2 million bags or 250 000 tonnes. It is the second largest coffee producer in Africa after Ethiopia, and one of the top ten in the world, of which about 80% is Robusta and the remaining 20% is Arabica. Of these, high-quality Arabica is still rare.

Most of the coffee produced in Uganda is self-processed by growers. The quality of these coffees could be better as most growers have no access to coffee production know-how and knowledge. As a result, most are sold at unsustainably low prices. These coffees account for 85-90% of Uganda's production.

In Bulambuli, the farmers deliver the cherries to collection points and washing stations, where they are processed while each process step, from sorting to drying, is controlled and recorded.Although the project is still in its infancy, the quality of the coffee is high enough to stand alongside coffees from neighbouring Kenya and Ethiopia.
It is an excellent coffee that we look forward to improving in quality. It proves that Ugandan coffee can achieve its high potential if each process is handled correctly. 

The main harvesting takes place between November and January.

Cherries are sourced and purchased from small farmers in selected small towns and communities within approximately four sub-counties of the Bulambuli district.Buying may take place at small collection centres or directly at the washing stations.
The manager or owner of the washing station supervises cherry buying.
The cherries delivered by the grower must be sorted by himself, but if more is needed, staff will sort the cherries further.
In the case of washed refining, the cherries are pulped in an eco-pulper and then dry fermented in small plastic or concrete tanks.
The cherries are then dried in beds on stilts or parabolic drying tents (airy tent houses that shelter the cherries from rain and wind).

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