hand drip

Recipe for hand drip (1-2 cups)

[Things to prepare]

1. Dripper (Kalita Wave 155, Hario V60-01, etc.)
2. Paper filter that fits the dripper 3. Server (capacity: 250ml or more)
4. Kettle (thin spout is better)
5. Scale (preferably in 0.0g units)
6. Timer 7. Ground coffee beans for hand drip 8. Boiling water

[Basic recipe]

Coffee beans: Hot water = 16.0g: 250g
Water temperature: 92-93℃
Extraction time: Around 2:20

① Weigh 16.0g of coffee beans and grind for hand drip.

② Set the paper filter in the dripper and blanch it.

③ Throw away the blanched hot water and put the ground coffee beans in the dripper.

④ Pour 40g for the first throw and steam for 40 seconds.
(Timer starts at the same time as pouring)

⑤ After 40 seconds, raise the dripper up to the 7th minute height with the second throw.
At this time, pour hot water over the coffee beans in a circular motion.

⑥ Keep the same height after raising it up to the 7th minute.
It is stable when the amount of pouring and the amount of extraction are uniform.

⑦ Complete when 250g of hot water is poured. Estimated time is 1:50-2:00.

⑧ Extraction is completed when all the hot water has been poured.
Estimated time is 2:20-30.

If the extraction time is too long even with the same brewing procedure, use a rougher grind.

Conversely, if the extraction time is too short, you can adjust the flow of hot water by making the grind finer.