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Ylder Herrera Heredia / Peru



Flavor Profile :
Fruit flavor of nectarine and lemon, texture like black tea, sweetness of cane sugar.
Nectarine, Lemon, Tea-like, Cane sugar.

Country of Origin : Peru
Producer : Ylder Herrera Heredia
Farm : Flor del Valle
Region : Amazonas > Lonya Grande
Varieties : Costa Rica 95, Bourbon
Purification method : Washed
Elevation : 1900 - 2000masl
Harvest time : 2022
Certification : EU Organic

This coffee is certified organic within the EU.
It has a firm fruit flavor like nectarine and lemon, and the aroma and texture are like a gorgeous and light black tea.
The softness and sweet aftertaste of faint cane sugar spread comfortably.

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Type: Coffee Beans

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