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AA Kangocho is an exceptional Kenyan coffee, brimming with intense black currant and stone fruit flavors, a jam-like texture, and a concentrated sweetness of fruits. It truly embodies the distinctive character of Kenyan coffees.

By placing the drip bag over your cup and pouring hot water, you can enjoy delicious coffee anywhere, easily, and conveniently. To preserve the freshly ground flavor, the drip bags are filled with nitrogen gas. Each bag contains a generous 14g of coffee, making them suitable for larger cups like mugs or tumblers.

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Flavor Profile:
Black Currant, Stone Fruits, Jammy.

Origin: Kenya
Process: Washed
Net Weight: 14g
Recommended Water Volume: 200-230cc

For more detailed information about the origin, please refer here.

Quantity Price Price Per Bag Discount Amount
 1 ¥280 ¥280
10 ¥2,600 ¥260 ¥200

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Type: Coffee Beans

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