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Drip bag
La Mandarina/Peru  

This coffee features a tightly packed fruitiness reminiscent of apricot and apple, along with a scent reminiscent of oranges, evoking the sweetness of candy. Its smooth and soft mouthfeel is its distinctive characteristic.

Simply set the drip bag in your cup and pour hot water for an easy, delicious coffee experience anywhere you go. We fill it with nitrogen gas to preserve the freshly ground flavor as long as possible. With a generous 14g of beans, it's perfect for larger cups like mugs or tumblers.
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Flavor Profile : 
Apricot, Apple, Orange candy, Soft mouthfeel.

Origin : Peru
Process : washed
Weight : 14g
Recommended Water Volume : 200〜230cc


数量 価格 1袋あたり 割引額
 1 ¥270 ¥270
10 ¥2,500 ¥250 ¥200



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Type: Coffee Beans

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