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Drip Bag
Bulambli / Uganda


This coffee has a smooth mouthfeel and a vibrant fruity flavor that spreads pleasantly across the palate. It's not overpowering, but rather offers a balanced fruitiness and a tea-like impression, making it an easy-drinking coffee.
Simply place the drip bag in your cup and pour hot water over it to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee anytime, anywhere, with ease.
To preserve the freshly ground aroma for as long as possible, the bags are flushed with nitrogen gas.
With a generous 14g of ground coffee in each bag, we recommend using a large cup, such as a mug or tumbler.

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Flavor Profile : 
Stone fruits, Nutty, Tea-like.

産地 : ウガンダ
精製方法 : ウォッシュド
内容量 : 14g
推奨湯量 : 200〜230cc

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Quantity Price Price per bag Discount
 1 ¥270 ¥270
10 ¥2,500 ¥250 ¥200

※Discount of ¥200 for every 10 pieces


The Honduran drip bags are available here.


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Type: Coffee Beans

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