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El Durazuno / Honduras

Flavor Profile:
Blackberry, Hibiscus, Tangerine.
Blackberry , Hibiscus, Tangerine.

Production area / Region : Intibuca
Producer / Farmer : Francisco AlvaradoMore
Variety : Bourbon
Purification method / Process : Washed
Altitude : 170 0 masl
Harvest : 2021

Speaking of Honduran coffee, some of you may know the coffees of Nelson Ramirez and La Paz in the Santa Barbara area, and Marisabel and Moises in Marcala, which we buy every year, but this time El Durazuno farm is Intibuca. Coffee grown in a region called

Francisco has owned the farm for 13 years, actively planting excellent varieties, removing the pulp of coffee during refining, and paying close attention to the drying process, which is the most important process, to ensure quality. We have been working on improving and improving.
Coffee making is produced by Francisco, his wife, and two children involved in all processes.

The El Durazuno plot, which is in its fourth year of harvest, is producing excellent coffee this season as well, thanks to the efforts of the whole family.

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Type: Coffee Beans

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