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Flavor Profile : 
Nectarine, Red Grapefruit, Dark Chocolate.


Country : Ethiopia 
Zone :  West Arsi 
Region :  Nensebo 
Village : Refisa 
Washing station : Refisa 
Certifications : Organic 
Producer : 648 members
Variety :  Welisho, Kurume 
Process : Washed
Altitude : 1800-1970 masl
Harvest : 2021 -2022

West Arsi, where Refisa is located, is in south-central Ethiopia, 400 km south of the capital Addis Ababa, along the Harenna Forest National Park, which stretches at the foot of the Bale mountain.Only recently, this area has focused on coffee cultivation due to the difficulty of vehicle access. However, in recent years, small new coffee producers have started to develop Wild Forest Coffee (coffee cultivation mixed with forest) refining points, and production is gradually expanding.

Coffee cherries are delivered from 648 small producers in the surrounding area.
The growing environment is not so much a plantation as a forest itself. Refisa Washing Station is also certified organic in Ethiopia.2022 is the third year we have bought Refisa, and this year's coffee has a more intense aroma and sweetness, like concentrated fruit. 

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Type: Coffee Beans

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