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AA Gondo / Kenya


Flavor Profile:
Blood Orange,  Stone fruit, Herb tea. 


Factory : Gondo Factory
Cooperative : New Kiriti Farmers’ Cooperative Society 
Producer : 727 small holders
Region : Muranga > Mathioya 
Country : Kenya
Variety : SL 28,K7,Ruiru 11,Batian
Purification method / Process : Fully washed
Altitude : 1900ml masl
Harvest : 2021-2022

This coffee is produced in an area known as the Muranga cluster.

Nyeri is the leading producer of top-quality coffee in Kenya. However, Muranga is adjacent to Nyeri, and the coffee grown here is close to Nyeri in taste and of excellent quality.

AB Gondo has a concentrated citrus and soft, herbal tea-like flavor profile. Compared to AA Kianderi / AB Karimikui, released this year, it has a lighter, brighter fruit impression.

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Type: Coffee Beans

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